About Animal Medicines

Industry Statistics

On average, the world spends only about one-fortieth of the amount it devotes to human medicines on animal medicines. But that investment is used to cover animal health innovations for the world’s 24 billion chickens, more than 1 billion cattle and sheep, 750 million pigs and goats, 500 million dogs and 400 million cats. The time, care and investment put into the research and development of animal medicines ensures a steady stream of new and innovative products that improve the health and well-being of all of these animals.

The figures below represent U.S. animal medicine sales.


Graph of Animal Medicine Sales, 2001 - 2010

Investing in Animal Health

Each year, AHI member companies spend 10 – 12% of their sales investing in new innovations in animal health. Scientists have developed numerous medicines that have resulted in dramatic improvements in the prevention and treatment of animal health issues such as flea and tick infestation, Lyme disease, rabies, diabetes, feline leukemia, and other types of cancers. Animal medicines are also an important link in the food safety chain, and must be approved by the appropriate federal agency.

Graph showing animal health research and development investments, 2001 - 2010