About AHI

About AHI

Welcome to the Animal Health Institute

The Animal Health Institute (AHI) is a non-profit membership organization that represents companies with an interest in veterinary health.  Our members develop and produce the medicines that help pets live longer, healthier lives.  By keeping animals healthy, their medicines also help improve the health and well-being of humans and keep the food supply safe.

Since 1941, AHI has helped create an environment that fosters robust research and development of innovative and needed veterinary medicines. We support the discovery, development and approval of medicines that promote animal health in a science-based, research-driven industry.  We advocate for animal health issues, including efficient FDA, USDA and EPA regulatory and approval processes.

About Healthy People. Healthy Animals. Healthy Planet.

Since animal health and human health are so intricately intertwined, AHI leads an educational initiative called Healthy People. Healthy Animals. Healthy Planet.  The purpose of this award-winning program is to provide information to consumers about the disease-prevention continuum:  using medicines to keep animals healthy keeps humans healthy, too.  Building on the “One Health” philosophy of addressing issues at the nexus of human and animal health, the program unites stakeholders in the pet, agriculture, veterinary and public health communities with this common goal.


Our Mission

The Animal Health Institute is committed to:

  • Effectively advocating for our members and affiliates with government agencies in order to create a stable regulatory environment based on sound science.
  • Serving as a reliable resource for up-to-date, factual information regarding important animal health topics and industry news.
  • Promoting and encouraging continuing research and development in the area of animal health.

Download AHI’s brochure, Making the Human and Animal Health Connection.

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